Miniature in Size BUT Big on Charm!
Miniature Frog/Lily  Pond View larger

Miniature Frog/Lily Pond


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Miniature Frog/Lily Pond

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With the appearance of a recently thrown skipping rock, this Miniature Stone Frog Pond's glistening, rippling water reveals a reflective shine against the midsummer night's luminous moon. A sweet green tree frog holds cheerfully situates atop a large fallen log, enjoying the company of his friends nestled amongst the vibrant green lily pads and slightly grazing the warm-colored pebbles on the pond's floor. Your fairies will certainly feel most at home amongst such an intimate body of clear, translucent acrylic water; enjoying the aqueous, floral surroundings of gorgeous pink lilies, playful frogs, and woodsy elements. Place this lovely display both in or outdoors. Fairy gardeners will appreciate the incredible attention to detail and realness in this small, yet dense figurine. Let this bring your miniature scene to life! 7.6 cm long 14 cm wide 5.08 cm high


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Miniature Frog/Lily  Pond

Miniature Frog/Lily Pond

Miniature Frog/Lily Pond