Miniature in Size BUT Big on Charm!

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Create your own Fairy Garden collection and a new Family tradition by collecting. Everyone loves fairies. Miniature Fairies and Accessories are great for Indoor or Outdoor decor and fits with any Fairy Garden village.

The Fairy Garden can be positioned indoors or outdoors depending on where you will get the most enjoyment from it. An outdoor fairy garden can be done on the patio or veranda or under a tree. An indoor fairy garden can really be anywhere you like. Find your favorite spot: a cozy reading place, your office desk or even your kitchen...

And what about a special place in a child's bedroom! Remember you have to select the plants accordingly and allow for enough light. For example, on a patio, you want to make sure the container receives morning sun and shade for the rest of the day.

An ingenious GIFT for anyone!  Whether for friends, children, wife, mother,  or even for yourself! Everyone has their own reasons - for someone it's a beautiful decoration for others it's a hobby! Creation of your own fairy garden decor can be a great idea for new family tradition! Try to involve members of your family or your friends into something magnificent and magical!  

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